What is spvsr.wtng.io?

Are you looking for information on the domain spvsr.wtng.io? Perhaps you found it in your Pi-Hole or NextDNS logs as a "top talker", and you're wondering who owns the domain and what its purpose is. Unfortunately, the associated web server doesn't return a response at the root of the domain, and the whois records for wtng.io are private. Google searches don't turn up much either, except for the domain's inclusion on some ad-block lists.

Well, I blocked it, and quickly found out... it's used by the Ting electrical monitoring (fire safety) device. When blocked, the Ting sensor will fail and generate an alert via the mobile app, and the LED on the device will blink green. Communication to this domain is required for the device to function properly.

FYI, there is a working link here you can use to validate connectivity:


It simply returns "SUCCESS" when working. You may need to bypass a certificate warning in your browser; it uses a self-signed certificate.